Taylor’s Tutoring, Etc. is committed to providing quality tutoring and academic support to ALL students. We strive to build students’ self-confidence and help them realize their potential. We believe EVERYONE has the capability for success. We put people over profit and seek to help students gain the skills and tools needed to be self-sufficient in their academic endeavors. We hope to help students overcome barriers and prepare them for future academic success.

Our Story

Taylor Durtschi established Taylor's Tutoring, Etc. in 2019. As Taylor worked as a structural engineer, she decided she wanted to revisit her passion of teaching. Taylor first sparked an interest in teaching during her time as a volunteer missionary in Sydney, Australia. As a missionary, Taylor had the opportunity to serve and teach the diverse community of Sydney. Following her missionary service, Taylor attended Utah State University where she worked as a tutor for the College of Engineering. Taylor developed a love for teaching and tutoring during her 3 years at the Tutoring Center.


Upon graduating with her Master of Engineering degree, Taylor began her career as a structural engineer. However, Taylor missed interacting with students and helping others achieve academic success. Taylor decided to start her own tutoring business so she can pursue both of her passions, Engineering and Tutoring.