Taylor's Tutoring, Etc. offers exceptional tutoring services and homework help through online videos, written examples, online tutoring, and in-person consultations. In-person tutoring sessions are available to students located in the Cache Valley, Utah area. However, if you are not local, we offer online tutoring sessions.


 We specialize in tutoring high school students who need help in math. However, she also tutors students of all ages in math and science.


"My son was very apprehensive about the thought of hiring a tutoring because of past experiences but Taylor's Tutoring was very different. The appt process was a breeze and Taylor has availability the very next day. She is honest and is all about helping the student succeed. My son will now be a regular using Taylor's Tutoring because he feels comfortable and I know he's getting the help he needs. If anyone needs a good tutoring session definitely give Taylor and Seth a shot. So glad I found them."



Prerecorded videos are here to help you understand the basic concepts of solving problems for specific subjects. It is helpful to go over examples, but it's even more helpful to hear someone explain why you are performing specific steps at that specific moment. Watch the videos to gain a more conceptual understanding of why we are solving the problems with a specific procedure. Also, learn tips to overcome common mistakes, misunderstandings, and challenges that most students face when attempting to solve problems.


Written examples provide step-by-step solutions to problems that teach the same principles as homework problems found in common textbooks. Written examples also provide tips for how to solve problems more efficiently and with better understanding. The written examples also solve problems using multiple methods to enhance understanding of the concepts.


Send us an email and let us know what topics you want to be added to our library of video tutorials and written examples.

New videos and examples are added daily!


If you would like to schedule a private tutoring session we provide tutoring session in the Northern Utah Area. If you are not local, we also provide online tutoring sessions.


We provide tutoring in most basic engineering topics, advance structural engineering topics, and other STEM subjects. We tutor students of all ages for math, science, and engineering. We also provided tutoring for standardized tests including the ACT, SAT, GRE and the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam! Click HERE to visit the 'Our Team' page and see which tutor is a right fit for you!


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