Email Us the ISBN and condition of your old textbooks and we will let you know how much money we can sell your books for. 

As a convenience fee for selling your books we will keep 25% of the selling price or $25 (whichever is greater).

See below for textbooks we are currently selling.

See one you need? Email Us and let us know if you are interested in purchasing one of them!

Textbooks for Sale
  • "Fundamentals of Structural Analysis" by Chia-Min Uang and Kenneth M. Leet

        Edition: 2nd 

        ISBN: 9780072973150

        Condition: Very Good

        $25.00 OBO​ 

  • "Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering" by Steven L. Kramer

        Edition: 1996 

        ISBN: 9780133749434

        Condition: Very Good

        $160.00 OBO

  • "Principles of Highway Engineering and traffic Analysis" by Fred L. Mannering and Scott S. Washburn

        Edition: 5th 

        ISBN: 9781118120149

        Condition: Like New

        $130.00 OBO

  • "Reliability of Structures" by Andrzej S. Nowak and Kevin R. Collins

        Edition: 2nd 

        ISBN: 9780415675758

        Condition: Like New

        $90.00 OBO

  • "Basics of Engineering Economy" by Leland T. Blank and Anthony Tarquin

        Edition: 2nd 

        ISBN: 9780073376356

        Condition: Very Good

        $80.00 OBO

  • "A Primer for Finite Elements in Elastic Structures" by W.F. Carroll

        Edition: 1998 

        ISBN: 9780471283454

        Condition: Good

        $40.00 OBO